Northern Shaolin
Long Fist Kung Fu

Who We Are

Welcome to Northern Shaolin Long Fist Style Kung Fu in Sarasota County, Florida.  Below is a short overview.  For more in depth information when you're done here, please check out the rest of our pages listed at your left. 


Northern Shaolin Long Fist: 

A beautiful and effective ancient Martial Art from northern China, taught in the traditional Chinese way by Sifu Artie Aviles.  Learn empty hand and weapon forms, two person sets and applications, in an atmosphere of mutual help and respect.  In depth understanding, self discipline, and personal responsibility are emphasized.

Artie Aviles has studied  Martial Arts since 1965, and was the senior student under Master Nelson Tsou in New York City.  Working  with Master Tsou, he was also one of the founding members of the Shaolin Five Tiger Martial Arts Center in New York.

For Long Fist, Sifu Aviles is currently only taking private students who are seriously interested in learning the arts.  A waiting list is being created for those wanting a group class.

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