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Essence of Lien Bu Chuan - Continuous Steps Form

Softcover, 143 pages

Illustrated by Master Tsou


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     An in depth study of the Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu form, Lien Bu Chuan, illustrated with multiple views, movement patterns and detailed instructions for practice. Lien Bu Chuan (Continuous Steps Form) was chosen as one of the required forms to study by the Central Martial Arts Academy in China, which was formed circa 1928.

     The reader will find a detailed movement by movement study of the form, showing hand and foot motion lines, front, side and overhead views, plus additional interesting details and enhancements. The form study section presents each movement in a two page spread format for ease of understanding, with images on the left page and instructions on the right  In addition to introductory materials and basics, three sets of the original Chinese verses for the form with English translations are also provided.

Excerpts from review on the WFMAF website by Nancy Fiano, Administrator Xinyi Dao Academy, Secretary WFMAF, re-posted with her permission and encouragement:
    "The very first thing you will note about the cover of this book is that none of the authors have listed their names with titles or honors. They have, however respectfully dedicated the book to their teacher, Grandmaster Li- Mao-Ching. They follow the Grandmasters teaching, in that they are skilled, yet humble, they endured many decades of tough training so that they could conserve and preserve the traditional arts. Each one teaches with politeness and professionalism, with an eye toward precise, exacting correctness.
     Lien Bu Chuan (Continuous Steps Form) was chosen by the Central martial Arts Academy in Nanjing in the late 1920’s as one of the simple, basic, required forms to learn. Stance, Hand Work and Foot Work are the skeleton of the form and movement, flow and applications make it an art form.
     This book is a gem and a treasure because of the way it is logically and practically laid out. The form is listed by it’s Verses in both English and Chinese. The drawings and descriptions are some of the finest I have seen in martial arts manuals. Each movement is numbered with a flow chart across the top of the page. You can immediately see where the particular movement is in the sequence of the form. Simple line drawings show the full body and the direction in which the hands and the feet move. To help make it even clear, a top view is shown. Key points for each movement are given, as well as applications.
     The entire from is drawn out both in elevation and overhead view so that it becomes easy to see what direction and which angle you are facing while performing each movement.
     This is a must have book for anyone looking to learn Northern Shaolin Styles. The only thing better than using this as a guide would be seeking out these teachers and learning directly from the source."

About The Authors:
     Master Nelson Tsou, Yen-Kai began his formal training in Northern Shaolin Long Fist in 1961, in Taiwan under Grand Master Li Mao-Ching, and while he was introduced to other arts along the way, it is the system to which he has dedicated his years of study and sharing.
     Artie Aviles first studied Goju-Ryu Karate, starting in 1965, and in 1969 he began adding Chinese Martial Arts to his studies, initially with Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, then, from 1972 on, concentrating on developing his understanding of Northern Long Fist under Master Tsou.
     James Man Chin has trained in Chinese Martial Arts since 1973, when he began his study of Northern Long Fist under Master Tsou. After years of practice, when Master Tsou retired from teaching James added an in depth study of Swai Jiao to his understanding. He trained under Lao Shi-Fu Jeng Hsing-Ping, who for many years had been the assistant instructor and demonstration partner for Great Grand Master Chang Tung-Sheng at the Taiwan Police College, and was national Swai Jiao champion three years running.