Northern Shaolin
Long Fist Kung Fu

About The Instructor

Artie Aviles has studied Martial Arts since 1965, and in 1972 began his studies under Master Nelson Tsou Yen Kai in New York City, training in Northern Shaolin Long Fist Style Kung Fu.  Working with Master Tsou, he was also one of the founding members of the Shaolin Five Tiger Martial Arts Center in New York.  In addition to establishing, operating, and assisting in teaching at the center, he also offered classes at his own school and Orange County Community College in Middletown, New York.

After relocating to Florida in 1979, Sifu Aviles continued his teaching of the Northern Shaolin Long Fist style by starting classes at the Sarasota and Venice Y.M.C.A., as well as the Bee Ridge and Venice Recreation Centers.  He was also the creator/producer/host of the very well received TV program “Martial Arts Focus”, from 1980 to 1982, one of the earliest shows to cover a broad range of Martial Arts, and to present them in a traditional manner.  Over the decades he has introduced the arts to hundreds of students, and numbers of viewers as well.

His earlier years of formal training were dedicated to the study of Japanese Gojuryu Karate.  After achieving his Black Belt ranking, and then reaching Second Degree Black Belt in the U.S.A. Karatedo Gojukai, he was the head instructor of the Bronx Gojukai, as well as for the Karate clubs at seven colleges in and around the New York City area.  In the late sixties he began adding Chinese Martial Arts to his studies, initially with Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, studying privately under Bill Young (Yang Ki Biao), then, from 1972 on, broadening his scope to include the Northern Long Fist style.  He considers meeting and studying with Master Nelson Tsou one of the most important events in his life, and decided long ago to focus his efforts on passing on these beautiful and ancient arts.

Along with Master Tsou, Artie and his classmate Sifu James Man Chin are the co-authors of the book Essence of Lien Bu Chuan, released in 2015.  Hoping to preserve traditional Chinese Martial Arts, it is an in depth study of one of the early required forms to learn at the Central Martial Arts Academy in China, which was founded circa 1928. 

Sifu Aviles was an honoree at the 2010 International Invitational Silver Cup Championship in Miami Florida, for his forty five years of dedication and service to the Martial Arts.  He has been honored by the Okinawan Goshin-Ryu Karate-Do Association, and the World Traditional Karate-Do Union with a rank which carries with it the title of Hanshi, someone considered a teacher of teachers, and is the Southeast Region representative for Taiji MBM.  Artie offers beginner’s and intermediate Tai Chi classes for those interested in gaining the many benefits this gentle art has to offer.